The Schenectady Fire Department (SFD) is a career department that was established in 1900. There are currently 117 members of the department. SFD is made up of 4 firehouses, 4 paramedic engines, 2 trucks (1 is a paramedic truck), 2 paramedic rescue rigs, hazardous material team and a fire boat stationed on the Mohawk River. SFD provides the city of Schenectady with fire protection, fire prevention and paramedic services. We also responds to all hazardous material and WMD emergencies in Schenectady County. We serve a city of over 65,000 people. Schenectady Fire responded to nearly 20,000 calls in 2014.

Station 1 is the Head Quarters of the Schenectady Fire Department. It opened on July 15, 1981 and is located at 360 Veeder Ave. It was built to replace the fire station that was located on Erie Blvd. This house is the home of Engine 1, Truck 1, Rescue 1, Car 22 and HazMat 1. The Administrative, Training, Emergency Medical Service, Haz Mat and Arson Investigation divisions are also found here.

Engine 1 is a paramedic engine with a minimum staffing level of 3, including a Lieutenant, a firefighter and a firefighter paramedic. Truck 1 has a minimum staffing level of 3, including a Captain and two firefighters. Truck 1 is the only front line vehicle that operates at the BLS level. Rescue 1 is staffed with a lieutenant and a firefighter paramedic. Car 22 is the riding Deputy Chief’s vehicle. The Deputy Chief is the commander of the Platoon. Station 1 covers the Hamilton Hill, Vale Park and Down Town neighborhoods. There are 4 Platoons on a 24 hour shift rotation.


Engine 1



Truck 1


Rescue 1



Car 22



HazMat 1




Station 2 (Emerald City) is the newest of the Schenectady Fire Department Stations. This was the first capital investment by the City of Schenectady in the infrastructure of the fire department since building Station 1 on Veeder Ave. which replaced the Erie Blvd. station in 1981. Erected in 1996, Station 2 replaced the long standing Station 5 (Station 9) on Brandywine Ave. This followed the 1996 lay offs of 19 firefighters, and the closing of 3 firehouses, Brandywine Ave, Broadway and Albany St. Once opened, it was home to Truck 2, Engine 2, and Rescue 2.

Years later, Station 2 is still the newest of the 4 fire houses in Schenectady. It houses Advance Life Support Truck 2 and Advance Life Support Engine 2. Truck 2 is staffed with a Captain, firefighter and firefighter/paramedic. Engine 2 has a Lieutenant, firefighter, and a firefighter paramedic. Station 2’s running district includes the Woodlawn, Central State St, and Union Street Business District neighborhoods. As have the other fire stations, Station 2 has seen a significant increase in call volume while seeing  cuts in staffing levels, going from 8 members a day to 5 or 6.



Engine 2

Truck 2

Truck 2

Station 3 is located on Third Ave serving the Mont Pleasant and Bellvue neighborhoods. This station was opened on September 6, 1938 and was part of the WPA following the Great Depression helping to stimulate the American economy. Originally it was called Station 7 and was home to a truck company and two engine companies. It was designed to fit in the residential neighborhood in which it is located. Currently it is the home of ALS Engine 3, a 2007 American LaFrance Liberty, 1500 GPM pumper. It is staffed by 3 members, – Lieutenant, Firefighter and a Paramedic Firefighter.


Engine 3


Station 4 (Goose Hill) is located on the corner of Ave A and Van Vranken Ave, serving the North Side, the historic GE plot and Stockaid neighborhoods. It is the oldest of the remaining firehouses, having opened on December 26, 1904. Station 4 is the only station left with an operational fire pole that is still in use today. Station 4 is the only Schenectady firehouse that has never been renumbered. It is the home of ALS Engine 4,  is staffed by a Lieutenant, a firefighter and a paramedic firefighter.





Engine 4

Engine 4