Welcome to the Schenectady Permanent Firemen’s Association Memorial

The memorial came into being following the line of duty death of Schenectady Firefighter Donald Collins in 1996. A contingent of members traveled to the I.A.F.F. Fallen Fighter Memorial Inc. in Colorado Springs, CO. to witness his name being etched into the memorial. This took place on the Tenth Annual Memorial Observance on September 21, 1996.

The United States, Canadian, Colorado and New York State flags were flown at the traditional halfmast honoring position for a period of one week following the notification of Firefighters Collin’s death. The United States flag was folded placed in a walnut presentation case engraved with his name, local number, and rank achieved. The flag was then presented to the contingency.

In 2003 the Schenectady Fallen Firefighters Memorial became a reality. The memorial is located next to Station 1, on Veeder Ave. The memorial stands as a tranquil reminder to the Schenectady Firefighters that have fallen both in the line of duty, and who have passed while in active service. The names of active and retired Schenectady Firefighters are inscribed on bricks that line the memorial with their ranks and dates of service. At the rear of the memorial stands a brick wall containing the names of our lost members.

Since the memorial’s inception, members of the Schenectady Permanent Firefighter’s Association have worked endlessly to maintain the grounds.  Throughout the years, the memorial has undergone several upgrades and improvements.  The members have taken great pride and offer their time, resources and ideas in  making the memorial the gem that it is.   Most recently, Schenectady Firefighter Dan Farstad and his landscape curbing company – laid new concrete curbing around the memorial offering an aesthetically pleasing parameter to the grounds.  Pictures of the new curbing at the memorial are visible on his web site.

Please feel free to stop by Station 1 to spend a few minutes in the memorial and pay honor to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for the citizens of Schenectady.

Linking the Past to the Present

The brick pavers that lay in the groundwork of the memorial link the past and the present Schenectady Firefighter together as one, in remembrance of our fallen. Active and retired members are afforded the opportunity to purchase a brick in which their name, rank and dates of service are engraved in. These bricks are then laid two by two into the ground work of the memorial. As you will see in the photo to the right, retired and active, next to each other, joined as one, looking up upon those that are not longer with us.

The memorial is maintained by the membership on a volunteer basis throughout the year. Schenectady Firefighters take great pride in their memorial, and nearly have a 100% participation by both the active and retired membership.