You’ll never, ever fight alone…

If you are a present or retired member of the Schenectady Fire Department and you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, the Schenectady Firefighters Cancer Foundation has made the following tool available for your use, in order to request or share information that may help in your fight to beat this horrible disease. The use of this form and the information contained within, is strictly by choice and will not be shared with anyone but those designated by The Foundation, unless otherwise requested by the member utilizing this tool.

You may also contact either of the following Cancer Foundation representatives directly if you wish:

Christopher Keough

Call Chris: (518) 701-0728
Email Chris:

Aimee Parlatore

Call Aimee: (518) 227-6601
Email Aimee:

All information is voluntary and there are no required fields other than your name. Feel free to fill out only the information that you feel is pertinent to you and  your situation.

Please fill out all information that you feel is pertinent to you and your situation.

With the information that you have provided to The Foundation in this questionnaire, we hope to provide you with the best assistance possible. At anytime, if there is something that The Foundation can do to assist you or our family members, please contact any of the following people.

Aimee Parlatore
(518) 227-6601

Christopher Keough
(518) 701-0728